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Roger Haverfield died on October 17th. He'd been ill for some time and had been hospitalized recently. Roger and Carol were long-time residents of Connemara Woods, and Roger served many years on the CWHA Board most of the time as treasurer. Roger and Carol moved to Potomac Green within the past year but Roger continued to serve as treasurer until the March 2017 annual homeowners meeting. Their house at 122 Connemara sold recently. Arrangements have not been finalized.


The fall walk-thru has been completed and no major issues were found. However, mildew was observed on the gutters and siding of several homes. In the spring, the board will contact homeowners to see if there is interest in going in together to get a discount from power-washing companies for washing multiple homes. Notices to various homeowners with minor issues have been sent out via email.

The no parking signs and curb paint on the entrances to the emergency access road from Tramore and Edenberry will be updated and refreshed to bring them into compliance with County and State regulations. Most of the cost and work will be a VDOT responsibility. At the urging of the Board, VDOT installed a signal ahead warning sign on Potomac View road as you come down the hill toward Route 7. In response to several complaints, the Board decided to purchase one dog waste dispenser with bags to be installed at the Connemara Drive entrance. We hope this will be both a practical solution and at least a reminder to dog walkers.

The Board researched complaints about loud noise coming from the Cascades Overlook event center late on weekends. There's a County ordnance that states in part; "The operation of any such [musical] instrument, machine or device between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., in such a manner as to be plainly audible at a distance of 100 feet from the source of the sound shall be prima facie evidence of a violation." If a resident has a complaint, they should call the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone number (703-777-1021), and a deputy will respond. 

The Board voted to change our website host to GoDaddy and our bank to the Wells Fargo branch at Cascades overlook. The new webhost will provide more flexibility and features at a lower cost. The banking change will automate much of the record keeping that the treasurer does, provide more online capability, and will enable the Board to pay bills using a debit card.

The Board plans to reserve a conference room at the Cascades Event Center for our 2018 annual meeting. The tentative date is Saturday, March 17th beginning at 10 a.m. 

The Board would like to remind both new and long time residents to review the Covenants and the PPRR prior to making changes to your property including house and hardscape changes to your front yard. Please contact the ACC chair if you have any uncertainty or questions regarding what's permitted. Best to be safe rather than risk a fine or to having to "undo" a project. Take a few minutes to review Article VI of the Covenants in particular and the PPRR for more detailed guidelines.

The PPRR can be downloaded by clicking on the PPRR button at the bottom of the Home Page.